Rewind, recap – weekly round up w/e 5/3/17

Yes well. This has not been a particularly productive week. I have no idea where it disappeared to but disappear it did and while I know I’ve been busy, I have no idea doing what. It certainly hasn’t been reading. At least, not to my usual speed.

In my defence, Monday was a very long day. Travelled to Dublin for a meeting which essentially lasted from the minute I arrived at the hotel until the minute the taxi driver came to pick me up again with only a couple of short toilet breaks to boot. My brain was frazzled by that point so any of my normal reading time on the plane was gone as I couldn’t concentrate. Because I was with a colleague I missed out on reading time pre-flight and audio book time on the trip to and from the airport too so all in all it was a terrible day. Continue reading “Rewind, recap – weekly round up w/e 5/3/17”