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Thank you to the lovely Lorraine over at The Book Review Cafe for tagging me for the Rapid Fire Book Tag! I’ve had to find a time to do this when I have no time in order to keep to the concept of ‘rapid’ so here goes…

eBooks or physical books?

Both but eBooks are easier in bed, especially with a paperwhite 🙂

Paperback or hardback?

Hardback for collecting, paperback for reading.

Online or in-store shopping?

Online although I do like the extra exercise that perusing a book shop can give me

Trilogies or series?

Series. If I love a book I’m often devastated to think it may/will end.

Heroes or villains?

Villains – I love the dark side.

A book you want everyone to read.

Tall Oaks by Chris Whitaker. My top read of 2016. Manny. Enough said.



Recommend an underrated book.

Argh. Pass. A Rumor of War by Philip Caputo. not sure if it’s underrated or not but I think people should read it.


The last book you finished.

Ragdoll by Daniel Cole

Weirdest thing you used as a book mark.

A hair pin. Is that weird? Pass.

Used books, yes or no?

Mostly no but I can’t resist sometimes. As long as I try not to think too long about inherited germs and dirt 😦

Top three favourite genres?

Crime, Thrillers, Horror

Borrow or buy?

Buy. ‘Neither a borrower nor a lender be…’  lol. (Unless it’s from a Library – we must support libraries)

Characters or plot?

Both. Need someone I can root for and a plot that can engage.

Short or long book?

Not fussed as long as it’s good.

Long or short chapters?


Name the first three books you think of?


Books that make you laugh or cry?

Laugh. I hate crying.

Our world or fictional worlds?

Our world although I like fictional towns in real world settings.

Do you ever judge a book by its cover?

I hardly ever even read the blurb, lol. Try not to but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t impact decisions occasionally. Of course I ignore blurb and cover if I get a strong recommendation from someone I trust.

Book to movie or book to TV adaptation?

Neither. Page to head – you can never replicate that experience and are always left disappointed when expectations aren’t met.

Series or standalone?

Either. I’m a bookaholic and a random one at that. I read series from the middle out sometimes and like standalones for the magic of what they give me in those few short pages.

I nominate –

Abbie at Bloomin’ Brilliant Books

Rachel at Rachel’s Random Reads

Kristin at Kristin’s Novel Cafe

and anyone else who wants to have a go. I’m not good with concise. This was tough 🙂


9 thoughts on “Rapid Fire Book Tag

  1. I agree with many of your answers and definitely could not live without my Kindle Paperwhite.
    I do choose most of my books by reading the blurb, though 🙂
    Great tag!


  2. My Paperwhite always comes to bed with me too 😀 I wouldn’t have said it better for the hardback/paperback choice! Plus I tend to have the hardbacks fall on my face when reading on the couch!

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    1. Lol. I’m not good with hardbacks I must admit. Only have little hands so they’re so hard to handle. Plus I hate cracking spines so they’re also hard to read but hey look lovely on a book case

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