Rewind, recap – weekly roundup w/e 19/2/17

Wowsers. Busy week this week. Started out with a one to one with my Admin Manager on Monday. It was a great meeting as I’m giving him some new opportunities for development which he is taking to like a duck to water. Great for him, even greater for me as I know I can trust him to do a brilliant job for me. After the meeting, we pootled down to Tottenham for a few days to audit one of my depots, followed by an impromptu trip to Basildon to repeat the process at another. All very productive and beneficial, but it did mean I have not had a lot of reading time. Starting everyday at 06:00 and finishing with dinner with colleagues at 19:00 three nights in a row, I was ready for my bed, not necessarily for my books. (Side note – Premier Inn in Edmonton ‘rumbles’ and shakes with the traffic from the North Circular. If you like your sleep with a side order of vibration, it’s a perfectly lovely hotel. If not…)

That aside, I managed to finish the book I had started last weekend, and read a book Saturday afternoon, starting a third on Sunday evening. Not the most productive blogger, but sometimes work has to come first. Apparently…

I did receive a lovely bit of book post from Karen Sullivan at Orenda Books in the shape of Six Stories by Matt Wesolowski. I’m doing the blog tour for this one next month and can’t wait. I’ve seen so many good reviews that it’s been high on my TBR for a while.


The e-book is available now, but if you prefer the paperback, it’s out next month on 15th so get pre-ordering. It’s available on Amazon, or via the new Orenda Books e-book store which can be found here. Warning if you do visit as it is like a silent assassin to your book buying embargo. I ended up buying six new titles that I didn’t have. Of course that could be because I am weak willed and on a diet. I can’t be expected to give up crisps and books.

Books I Have Read

32277948Love Them and Leave Them by Sue Shephard

Love Them and Leave Them: Sometimes you have to leave the one you love … sometimes you’re the one who’s left behind. The new heartwarming and heartbreaking romantic comedy from the No.1 bestselling author of Doesn’t Everyone Have a Secret?

On his way home, Ed makes a split-second decision that changes the lives of all those who love him.

Six years on, Ed’s daughter, Jessie, is stuck in a job with no prospects, her dreams never fulfilled. It will take more than her unreliable boyfriend, Chris, and temperamental best friend, Coco, to give her the confidence to get her life back on track.

But what if Ed had made another decision? It could all have been so different …

Six years on, Ed’s daughter, Jessica, has a successful career, loving boyfriend, Nick, and a keen eye on her dream home. But when new clients, a temperamental Coco, and her unreliable boyfriend, Chris, walk into her life, Jessica’s perfect world soon starts to unravel.

Love Them and Leave Them is a story of love, families, friendship and a world of possibilities. Whichever decision Ed makes, the same people are destined to come into his daughter’s life, sometimes in delightfully different ways. And before they can look forward to the future, they will all have to deal with the mistakes of the past.

I’m on the blog tour for this on Wednesday, so not long to wait for my review. Very much a Sliding Doors -esque book, this will have you wondering ‘what if’ about your life choices for quite some time. The book is available to purchase here.

qtkQuieter Than Killing by Sarah Hilary

It’s winter, the nights are dark and freezing, and a series of seemingly random assaults is pulling DI Marnie Rome and DS Noah Jake out onto streets of London. When Marnie’s family home is ransacked, there are signs that the burglary can have only been committed by someone who knows her. Then a child goes missing, yet no-one has reported it. Suddenly, events seem connected, and it’s personal.

Someone out there is playing games. It is time for both Marnie and Noah to face the truth about the creeping, chilling reaches of a troubled upbringing. Keeping quiet can be a means of survival, but the effects can be as terrible as killing.

I’ve seen reviews that say this book is the best one in the series so far and I had to wonder if this was really the case. I knew after the end of Tastes Like Fear that Marnie was going to be in for some grief over her past and her troubled relationship with her foster brother Stephen, but oh my word… I wasn’t expecting this. I’ll be reviewing closer to the release date of 9th March but in the meantime you can preorder the book here.

30259893Ragdoll by Daniel Cole

A body is discovered with the dismembered parts of six victims stitched together like a puppet, nicknamed by the press as the ‘ragdoll’.

Assigned to the shocking case are Detective William ‘Wolf’ Fawkes, recently reinstated to the London Met, and his former partner Detective Emily Baxter.

The ‘Ragdoll Killer’ taunts the police by releasing a list of names to the media, and the dates on which he intends to murder them.

With six people to save, can Fawkes and Baxter catch a killer when the world is watching their every move?

Just started reading this book so I can’t really comment on it yet but I’ve been looking forward to it for a while. It’s released on 23rd February and is available to preorder here.

I had a busy week on the blog with a mixture of reviews and blog tours. I haven’t posted my final books of my years yet, that will come this weekend when I sum up my thirties (will take all of about two books until I reach thirty eight…) and (very) early forties. I started with the Blogger Recognition Award. Thanks to all who nominated me and well done to all other bloggers who have been nominated. In reality, I’d love to be able to name and nominate every blogger who spends time committing their passion for books, film, fashion, or whatever the heck else you love, to the internet, as you all do a fabulous job. Long post, short post, critical post, gushing post, the fact that you care enough to write about it speaks volumes and you should all be proud.

Guest Post: Barbara Venkataraman

Blog Tour Review: Cursed by Thomas Enger

Mandie Griffiths Guest Review: The Fifth Letter by Nicola Moriarty

Blog Tour: Author Q&A With Jennifer Gilmour – Isolation Junction

Blog Tour Review: Blink by KL Slater

Blog Tour Review: The Promise by Casey Kelleher

And the brilliant Susan over at The Book Trail has updated the map of our #AroundTheUK reading challenge. You can see the latest update here.

Aside from finishing Ragdoll, I’m not going to commit to reading any particular books this week. I have an idea in my head of what I’d like to read but I’m not putting pressure on myself to do so. I’ve another week full of meetings and training. The bonus of that is I have to go to Edinburgh again this week, so that’s another audio book I can complete on the trip there and back. Another bonus is that I’ll be around for the launch of James Oswald’s new book Written In Bones at Waterstones in Edinburgh on Thursday night. It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it :). I loved the book and can’t wait to get a signed copy to add to my collection. My review will be out on publication day too.

Other than that I have two blog tours this week, and a few more brand new reviews so hopefully you can join me. First up, on Tuesday, I have an extract from Walking Wounded by Anna Franklin Osborne and then on Wednesday I’ll be posting my review of Love Them and Leave Them by Sue Shephard.

Hope you have a fabulous week of reading all


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  1. It appears we have the same weakness for Orenda books…I bought the Paul Hardisty’s and the Disco and Vespa as well as Rupture and the new Michael Stanley! Happy reading to us:)

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    1. Absolutely. Haven’t found a single one I didn’t like yet. Won two Michael Stanley just before Christmas. I just need a couple of lifetimes off work to read them all 😂😂

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