#BlogTour – Review: ‘Blink’ by K.L. Slater (@KLSlater; @Bookouture) #Nottingham #144Books

It’s my absolute pleasure to be one of the next blog tour stops for the superb new book by K.L.Slater, Blink.

33232027After the death of her husband, crippling debt forces Toni Cotter to leave the home that she and her daughter Evie share in Hemel Hemstead to move to live nearer to her mother in Nottingham. Nothing is here as as they are used to and grief combines with the reality of her situation to make Toni’s life just that little bit more unbearable.

Needing to earn money to pave their way, Toni takes on a part time job at an Estate Agents, a job she is far too qualified for but after a long gap in her work history she is still nervous about starting again. And with Evie struggling to adjust to her new surroundings and refusing to go to school, Toni is pushed to the edge, forcing her to turn to the wrong source for relief from her pain.

Harriet Watson is a Teaching Assistant at Evie’s school. She can see the impact that Toni’s grief is having upon the child and she is determined to step in and help. She has a plan. One which will help both Evie and Toni, if only she can get Toni to listen.

And then the unthinkable happens. Continue reading “#BlogTour – Review: ‘Blink’ by K.L. Slater (@KLSlater; @Bookouture) #Nottingham #144Books”