Rewind, recap – weekly roundup w/e 5/2/17

Another mad week at work with two very early starts on the bounce mean a very tired book blogger. That said, I was also a very productive one as the extra mileage from trips to Bridgend and Bracknell allowed me to finish two audio books in two days. Go me.

I had a lovely bit of book post this week with copies of A Dangerous Crossing by Rachel Rhys and Falling Suns by J.A. Corrigan. I also received my signed copy of Rattle  by Fiona Cummins from Goldsboro Books which I am very happy about.

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#AroundTheUKIn144Books – the update @brilliantbooks @gilbster1000 @thebooktrailer

So. Last month I had the mad cap idea that it might be fun to try and read one book based in every county of the UK. What was going to be about 80 counties (original counties) after ‘challenge’ soon became 144 counties and political districts. So – after drafting in reinforcements in the shape of Abbie from Bloomin’ Brilliant Books and Rachel from Rachel’s Random Reads, we set off on our little adventure. We have no set itinerary, we’re just reading what we can when we can and hoping that we hit some unique counties along the way. This post is our first update – a little bit from each of us as to how we’ve done.

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