Book post loveliness – w/e 5/2/17

Lord. If ever there was a week where I needed a good bit of book post to ease. My tired brain then it’s this one. Thankfully I haven’t been disappointed.

My thanks to Alison at Transworld books for sending this little beauty. I’ve read such positive reviews of it that I can’t wait to get stuck in.


Thanks also to Emily at Accent Press who kindly sent me this to read.


Then, just when I needed a boost, this little beauty arrived from Goldsboro Books. I have to admit that I absolutely loved this book. It has such an edge to the story. A little of the darkness always makes me happy and nothing makes me happier than having a signed first edition in my collection. I know all about having odd skeletal deformities – not as severe as in this book – but still. Thankfully nobody has ever tried collecting me 🙂


Happy reading all.


4 thoughts on “Book post loveliness – w/e 5/2/17

  1. I read your post about stepping away from blogging and some comments that you received made you cry. You do a fantastic blog. who ever made you cry they are probably jealous of you and they are the ones with the problem. Please carry on blogging or myself and a lot of other bloggers will miss you. xx

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    1. Thank you. It’s not an individual as such more a combination of all of the hate and division which has been rearing its head on social media of late towards bloggers and then the backlash to readers. I came to this world for some respite from the real world and all the stress and hate here and I just don’t like to see the pain people are being caused over something which should be so beautiful. I was in a terrible place emotionally this weekend and said things and did things I regret as a result. I’m slowly getting my head on straight but really appreciate the support. Thank you.


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