The Books of my Years: The Early Learning Years.

I saw something on Twitter the other day about a new release of an audio recording of Rosemary’s Baby. I loved that book as a teenager, still do in fact, the chills it could send through me as I read it, and it started me thinking. Firstly, about the fact I’d love to read it again, see if I still feel the same some twenty five plus years later, secondly, that it would be interesting to see exactly what books informed my youth and how they have influenced my reading in later years. If there was one thing we did have plenty of in my house, it was books, and we were always encouraged to read. And boy did I love it.

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Book Post: w/e 29/01/17

Just a little bit of post this week but when you get a publisher send you a DM on Twitter to ask if they can send you a book… well how can you possibly say no. And I have to admit I’ve seen this one popping up quite a bit on Twitter, watching with a not so small amount of book envy as my fellow bloggers flashed their wares as it were.

Well now I have one too and it’s very pretty. Thanks very much to Emily Kitchin from Hodder Fiction. I loved the little note that came with it. Dark & disturbing is right up my street. 🙂