Review: Watch Her Disappear by Eva Dolan (@eva_dolan; @HarvillSecker) #Cambridgeshire #144Books


When Corinne Sawyer leaves her lover Sam in bed to go on her routine morning run she couldn’t be happier. She knows she is beautiful, that the money she has spent on perfecting her look has been worth it. That she will turn heads. And that she does. But unfortunately for Corinne she seems to have attracted the wrong kind of attention.

When Zigic and Ferreira are called to the park by DCI , they have to wonder quite how the murder of a middle aged woman would possibly have anything to do with them and the Hate Crimes unit. Everyone knows that several women in the area have been victims of serious sexual assault and to their mind this must be just an escalation in the perpetrators M.O. At least until they realise that this particular woman is not all she seems. Because the victim, Corinne, is transgender, half way through transitioning from male to female.

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