Review: ‘The Trial’ by John Mayer (The Parliament House Series)


Brogan McLane has been ‘Called’ to the Bar in the Scottish Supreme Court. Now a well established Advocate, he has ruffled more than a few feathers over the years. He is renowned for his passionate defence of his clients and his work in the field of International child abduction law. Despite his start on the wrong side of the tracks, his record within Parliament House and throughout his career is unblemished. Until now.

When High Court Judge Lord Aldounhill is found in his home, his carotid artery severed, it falls to Detective Chief Inspector Terry Imrie to investigate. Being a Judge, there are no end of suspects, people convicted in the Judge’s court, who could possibly bear a grudge against him. But enough to kill him? But when facts are presented, there is one man whose name stands out amongst them all. A man who has had a very public disagreement with the Judge which brought embarrassment upon the Judge. A man who has been alleged to have made threats against his life. Brogan McLane.

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