Review: ‘Christmas is Murder’ -Short stories by Val McDermid


A short and snappy review for a short and snappy 2-story collection of festive murder by the Queen of Crime, Val McDermid.

In ‘A Traditional Christmas’ the festive period is turned on it’s head when the estate owner is found dead in the snow outside of his house. There had been some decidedly un-Christmas like weather the night before but was he simply caught out by the storm or was something far more sinister in play?

And in ‘A Wife in a Million’, Maggie Staniforth is on the hunt for someone who seems intent on causing maximum heartbreak at Christmas. But with no link between either victim or source of the crime, how can Maggie stop the perpetrator from continuing their deadly deeds?

These are two very short, easy to read in under an hour stories from undoubtedly one of the best crime fictions writers this country has produced. They are more of a cosy crime type of thing than perhaps fans of the Hill and Jordan series may be used to but still contain all of the brilliant observation and characterization that you come to expect from one of McDermid’s books. I enjoyed both stories, especially the little twist in the end of ‘A Traditional Christmas’. I’ll admit I was expecting something a little more, I don’t know, gory perhaps, but I wasn’t at all disappointed with this little festive mix and it was a pleasant change from mince-pies and love fests you typically get in a Christmas book.

Some may think it a little expensive at £1.49 (lets not start the whole pricing debate again though eh?) but I don’t mind so much. It’s a great addition to my kindle library and I like a good complete collection.

Ah… didn’t I say short review? Well, it’s a bit shorter than normal I suppose…

4 stars


‘Christmas is Murder’ is available to purchase at the following links:

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