The #Bookvent Calendar – Day 22


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#Bookvent – Celebrating my favourite reads of 2016.

#Bookvent door number 22 hides a book that really moved me. I had seen nothing but positive reviews about this book from its release day, but I deliberately avoided reading them in any detail because I wanted to form judgement for myself. This is a difficult book to read it you have ever suffered any form of physical abuse in the past. But it is not as straightforward as you may think as this is a story of spousal abuse with a twist. Book 22 is:

A Suitable Lie

by Michael J. Malone


Just what made this one of my top books of 2016? Well you only have to read it to understand. The main protagonist, Andy, is one for whom I had the utmost sympathy. Not just for his current situation but for the loss he suffered in his past. He is a wonderful character, the love he has for his son Pat is written in such a beautiful way that you want things to come good for him, even though you can see the inevitability of his plight on every single page. Knowing that this is set in the late 90s adds another level of understanding to the subject. There is still a stigma to spousal abuse today, especially as it occurs in this book, and sadly I’ve heard of a very similar case only this week. But back in the 90s there was definitely a sentiment of turn the other cheek when it scomes to domestic affairs, and only the woman could ever be seen as a victim.

There were just so many moments in this book that made me want to weep and I took a few days to find the words for my review, it moved me that much, I finished and I was just … wow. It was one of those books. My full review can be found here, although I’m still not convinced it says everything I want to say. ‘A Suitable Lie‘ can be purchased from the following links:

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Happy reading all