The #Bookvent Calendar – Day 21


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#Bookvent – Celebrating my favourite reads of 2016.

Behind #bookvent door number 21 is a book which has just snuck in there at the last minute. By that I mean that I’ve only recently finished reading it and while I thought I knew what my top book list looked like, I really hadn’t been expecting this. Another CrimeFest panellist (yes another one) I’d bought this book way back in May but never quite got around to reading it. When I decided to run an Orenda feature week on the blog, I decided to pull it out of the pile and boy am I glad I did. Funny and also uncompromisingly brutal at times, book number 21 is:

Epiphany Jones

by Michael Grothaus


Wow. When I heard Michael Grothaus speak about this book it sounded, quirky. Interesting. It also sounded like there was a tough story behind it and boy was there. Trafficking, abuse, murder and the darker side of Hollywood life – these aren’t your gentle bedtime story subjects folks. But the wonderful blend of Jerry’s humorous narrative and the ridiculous situations he gets himself into, along with a more tender love story for our hapless ‘hero’, more than make up for those moments of darkness. No spoilers but there is one incident with his mother and an object of, how can I put this… ‘personal gratification’ which you really have to read to believe and if you can do so with a straight face you may want to consult a Doctor. You could well be suffering facial paralysis. Of all the things to end up on the run for…

Jerry is a loner, he’s delusional, he’s horny as hell (a bit of a perv tbf), desperate to be loved, and he’s in big trouble. And all because of Epiphany Jones. This is a tough read at times (I defy you to read some of it without grimacing), and there are moments when I felt I really needed to look away. But it is also strangely compelling. And I really kind of liked Jerry. In an strange way. Very, very strange…

My full review can be found here. ‘Epiphany Jones’ can be purchased at the following links:

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