The #Bookvent Calendar – Day 19


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#Bookvent – Celebrating my favourite reads of 2016.

So. #Bookvent seems to be dominated by crime and thriller books. Let’s face it. I read a lot of those as I love them. Every so often though I like to sneak in something with a little change of pace. The occasional comedy, perhaps some romance, maybe even something a little more emotional. Book 19 is one such book.

Now I have called this author evil, but only because she made me cry. On a plane no less. Her stories truly do tug at the heart strings and her latest offering tugged so blinking hard it made my eyes leak. Emotionally manipulative? Absolutely but I’d pick up any book she writes because she is just so good at capturing emotion on the page and making it live and breathe. I become invested in her characters, feel for their plight and when they hurt I hurt too. Book number 19 is

A Mother’s Confession

by Kelly Rimmer


This book … It is the story of a woman who is living with the painful memories of an abusive marriage. Although her husband is dead, she struggles to escape from the shadows and to find a peace within herself that allows her to live again. Told from the points of view of both the wife and the mother, I felt both sympathy and hatred in equal measure, but not necessarily directed where you may think it should be. And oh, god. That ending. I was okay right up until the moment in the nursery in the final few pages. I’d been doing well up until then but it just choked me right up. If you can read this and not feel anything … well you’re a harder person than me and trust me. I’m usually teflon tough.

My full review can be found here. ‘A Mother’s Confession‘ can be purchased from the following links:

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Happy reading all