The #Bookvent Calendar – Day 18


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#Bookvent – Celebrating my favourite reads of 2016.

Book 18 and this is quite honestly one of my favourite authors and one of my favourite characters. I don’t think any best of list I could write would be complete without at least one of these books on here.

Again, two books were published in this series this year which are both excellent. In fact the author has released four books, two of which were highly emotional stand alone dramas which I’d highly recommend. But this book has an extra something and a special little place in my heart for so many reasons. Reintroducing one of the protagonist’s greatest foes, our heroine is tested to her limits, trying to solve an impossible case while distracted by a shocking revelation about someone very close to her. Book 18 is

Blood Lines

by Angela Marsons


Oh yes… Alex Thorne is back. Evil, manipulative, sociopathic. I love her. She is a brilliantly written character, providing our heroine, Kim Stone, with her greatest ever nemesis. She knows what buttons to press, how to get what she wants, and nothing, including prison walls, will stop her. I loved this book, for the complexity of Kim’s relationship with Alex as much as the gripping story line which ran through it. So many distractions, it’s no wonder that Kim struggled and it nearly cost the team dearly. And Kev. Bless him. I’m really starting to like him as a character and I’d say he played a bigger part than Bryant in supporting Kim in this one. I could read this series forever. Thank the lord there are so many stories yet to come. All I can say is bring… them… on.

My full review can be found here. ‘Blood Lines‘ can be purchased at the following links:

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Happy reading all