The #Bookvent Calendar – Day 14


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#Bookvent – Celebrating my favourite reads of 2016.

My next #bookvent title is written by a true Don (or more appropriately Doña) of the Crime genre. I am more than ashamed to say that up until this year I had not read any of this author’s work, but I am more than making up for it now, devouring books and audiobooks as and when I get the opportunity. But, lordy do I have an uphill task with this one.

To call this author prolific would be an understatement. She has created some of the most iconic characters in modern crime writing history and I can’t believe I let her work pass me by for so long, muppet that I am. This book is her 30th … yes 30th … title, and although it’s the first in this particular series I have read, I am absolutely going back to the start to catch up. Book 14 is

Out of Bounds

by Val McDermid


I loved this book. A tragic accident leads to a chance DNA match on a cold case which Karen Pirie wants to solve. The legal position relating to the evidence is tricky, and checking it out with an old friend who works in Social Services draws Karen into another case in which a local man, a relative recluse, has been murdered. Despite being a mix of cold case and new, this book had me hooked and the pacing and tension were sharp. Val McDermid’s writing is absolutely brilliant and her depiction of character, her understanding and portrayal of the legal system and forensic evidence, shines through in each book she writes. Although I hadn’t met these characters before, I was instantly drawn to them, both Karen and her sidekick, Jason ‘The Mint’ Murray. Hill and Jordan are great, but I think a part of me likes Karen Pirie more.

My full review can be found here. ‘Out of Bounds’  can be purchased from the following links:

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