The #Bookvent Calendar – Day 12


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#Bookvent – Celebrating my favourite reads of 2016.

If book 11 had me thinking twice about blogging, #bookvent book number 12 had me thinking long an hard about getting on the underground. This is one heck of a book; the concept one of what would happen if you were faced with the demon love child of the dark web and internet dating. What starts out as a case of mistaken identity from an ad in a local paper soon turns into something far more sinister in book 12

I See You

by Clare Mackintosh


Lordy, this was one creeper of a book. And by that I mean it slowly took over, burying into your psyche; a gradually building a tension and fear that you don’t even notice until it is right on your shoulder whispering into your ear. The story is so unbelievable and yet so very possible that you cannot read this and then get on public transport without wondering just who may be watching you. Every time I go to London now, get on the Tube, I think of this book and have a little smile to myself. So many twists and suspects that you will keep changing your mind over just who is responsible for what is happening. I loved ‘I Let You Go‘ when I read it. I saw the twist coming in that about half way through. This book? This one took me by surprise.

My full review can be found here. ‘I See You‘ can be purchased from the following links:

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Happy reading all