The #Bookvent Calendar – Day 9


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#Bookvent – Celebrating my favourite reads of 2016.

Day 9 – This #bookvent treat was a really tough call to make. I wanted to just say to heck with it all and go for a whole series because this particular author’s body of work met all the criteria. Not one but three books, all published in 2016 and all earning themselves five of my little shiny stars. But that would be cheating so I’ve had to narrow it down to just the one – the book which I think edged the others just the teeny-tiniest fraction. I loved book one. I loved booked three. I even loved his birds, baps and bodices, but this book – this one was tops.

This book features a very popular female detective. She is straight talking, occasionally maverick and haunted by a mistake which nearly cost her everything. She’s often found skating on thin ice, has been in some pretty deep and dark water but for me, my favourite of the three stories saw her searching for a killer who committed brutal murders with no clear motive or connection between the victims. Murders which brought the investigation treacherously close to home. Book 9 is

The Night Stalker

by Robert Bryndza


Short pacy chapters, carefully planned but brutally executed killings, this is brilliantly crafted book. Although we may know the killer by half way through the book, the motive remains a mystery. The dynamic between her and her team of Moss and Petersen is brilliant, and you learn more about each of the characters in this book, endearing them to you as a reader even more. And the ending left me gasping, wondering where Erika could possibly go from here. I loved ‘The Girl in the Ice‘ (I sat in the car park at my office for ten minutes listening to the end of a chapter in the audio book, I was so sucked in), and ‘Dark Water‘ was such a moving story, with all the sense of jeopardy you would expect from this series, but the way in which Robert Bryndza has captured the gradual devolution of the killer’s mind in ‘The Night Stalker‘ really draws me back to this book. It was this book that confirmed to me I would purchase any book in this series and by this author without question.

My full review can be found here. ‘The Night Stalker‘ can be purchased at the following links:

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