The #Bookvent Calendar – Day 6


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#Bookvent – Celebrating my favourite reads of 2016.

Another day, another series. When I first started reading this series, I wasn’t quite sure. The opening scenes were quite graphic, the protagonist a drunk and not entirely sympathetic. By the time I had finished reading book one (which was only actually in April last year!), I really liked him. By book fourteen (released in April this year) I was addicted and the author was propelled straight onto my all time must-buy-and-drop-everything-else- to-read list.

I have every book in the series as a signed first edition – no mean feat when you think that the first book, ‘Every Dead Thing’, was published way back in 1999. I nearly burst with excitement when I found out the author was coming to my local library for a talk earlier this year to celebrate the launch of this book (only the second author event I had ever been to at that point in time). The people who know me, know that authors are my rock stars and this wonderfully talented Irish author is most certainly, for me, The Boss. I love Louis. I love Angel (bad shirts and all). But most of all I just love Charlie Parker. Book 6 is the absolutely brilliant

A Time Of Torment

by John Connolly


I swear that when I comes to these books I just lap them up. Fourteen books in a year, this is one author I am guaranteed to pre-order from the minute I know it is available. The last couple of books in the series show a marked shift in tone and voice, watching everything Parker does from a third person perspective, but this just adds a new dimension to the story. Parker is damaged, physically and psychologically, and his daughter has hidden talents he cannot begin to understand. The other world elements in these stories bring these books to life for me and Louis and Angel’s friendship with Parker is humorous, touching and menacing in equal measure. I can’t wait for the next book next year. Yes. It’s already on pre-order.

My full review can be found here. ‘A Time Of Torment’ can be ordered at the following links:

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Happy reading all