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Well… it’s been an interesting week. Not a particularly productive one book wise but then I’ve been busy. And a bit ill. Just a teeny bit, but it left me dozing on and off for most of yesterday so I’m stunned that I actually managed to fit in reading a whole book in the few hours I was awake. That and writing a couple of reviews. I’m still 3 reviews and now 2.5 books behind but I will fix that. Eventually.

That said, I planned to read 3 books this week and I did. Just … not the three books I’d planned on. I am half way through the 2 of the 3 that I didn’t read, but I read 2 absolute corkers instead, so I don’t feel too bad. And I have been prepping my (very last minute) #Bookvent posts. They may only be short but writing 25 of them, including getting covers, purchase links and linking back to my reviews takes a lot of time. That and publishing 6 reviews, 5 of which I still had to write this week (one book of which I read too). And I had a full 4 days at work with boring work stuff. Perhaps I shouldn’t feel quite so bad after all…

So what did I get up to this past week?

Books I Have Read


The Woman In Black‘ is the third book in the Jessica Daniel series. In this book a mysterious figure leave an unusual package in an area that it is bound to be found – a disembodied hand. While the police struggle to identify the owner of the hand, they find CCTV footage of someone they are interested in talking to in relation to the disposal. When the footage is released to the media, a witness comes forward, convinced that they know both suspect and victim. But are the correct or are the police being led on a wild goose chase? This is a twisting tale in which Jessica’s ivestigation is hampered by the disappearance of a local politician’s wife. The way in which this tale is crafted, the misdirection, suspects holding back vital details, make this and intriguing and compelling read, one which moves along at a good fast pace and held my attention throughout. My full review can be found here. With a mixture of humour and some dark, uncomfortable subjects, this was a brilliant addition to the series and it felt like Jessica was finally hitting her stride.


The Girl Who Had No Fear wasn’t on my original reading list but … well I couldn’t resist it. George and Van den Bergen are back and what a pickle they find themselves in this time. With George’s mother still missing, and her father still untraceable, she joins Van den Bergen in looking into a string of deaths involving young gay men and a tainted batch of drugs. Uncertain if this is deliberate or accidental, their investigations take them half way across Europe and half way across the world, also bringing George one step closer to finding her father. With one of the greatest foes back on the scene, and people they love under threat, the stakes have never been higher for the pair. This is a fast paced, gritty, sometimes a little gruesome rickety roller coaster of a ride but such a welcome addition to the series. The chemistry and banter between George and Van den Bergen is as perfect as ever and it is only while reading I realised how much I’ve missed it. My full review can be found here.


The Gift‘ is the new novel from Louise Jensen, author of summer hit, ‘The Sister’. Due for release on 16th December, this is the story of Jenna who receives the ultimate gift of a new heart. When she meets up with the donor’s family, she becomes obsessed with finding out the truth about how the donor, Callie, died. This is truly a read in one sitting kind of book and is draws you in from the very first chapter. Such a suspenseful and occasionally creepy read, I am certain this is going to be another sure fire hit. Jenna is a really engaging character, struggling to accept the gift she has been given and trying desperately to pay back the family who gave her life and yet she risks everything to do so. So many secrets and so many lies, you will be torn over just what is the truth right up to the end. My review will be posted later in the month after release date.

Reviews I Have Posted

In addition to reviews for ‘The Woman in Black’ and ‘The Girl Who Had No Fear’ I have posted reviews for the following during the week:

Black Widow


The Killer Inside


I have also started to post my countdown of favourite books of the year in my #Bookvent Calendar feature.

Books I am about to read

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More #bookvent posts to come this week, with days 5-11, plus a blog tour tomorrow for ‘Scared to Death‘ the fab new series from Rachel Amphlett, and a review for ‘Witness‘ from Caroline Mitchell later in the week. Plus I’m putting the finishing touches to another super-publisher feature week for next week and trying to get through some Christmas reads ahead of the big day. Busy-busy book blogger. I love it.

Happy reading all





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