The #Bookvent Calendar – Day 4


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#Bookvent – Celebrating my favourite reads of 2016.

The fourth door of my #Bookvent calendar opens onto a book which was released in April. The third in a series set in London, it features DI Marnie Rome. This was the first book I had read in this series (I like to do things backwards) but the character of Marnie Rome absolutely captured my attention and made me want to go back to the start to find out how it all began. Book 4 is

Tastes Like Fear

by Sarah Hilary


I really enjoyed getting to know Marnie and Noah. She’s a no nonsense Detective with a testing history but is not dominated by it. The antagonist in this book is disturbing to say the least, and the twist in the tale just perfect. You don’t see it until it hits you full force, right in the mush.

My review of Tastes Like Fear can be found here. You can purchase the book from the following links:

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Happy Reading All