The #Bookvent Calendar – Day 3


#Bookvent – Celebrating my favourite reads of 2016.

The next door on my bookvent calendar opens onto a novel which has stuck with me since the moment I first read it. Haunting, atmospheric and unlike any book I have read before, from start to finish I was gripped. The book creates a sense of claustrophobia and yet also agoraphobia at the same time. The style was thoroughly unique and the characters all consuming. And the ending… I still cannot decide quite what the truth of the story is. Book 3 is, quite simply, beautiful.

The Bird Tribunal

by Agnes Ravatn


‘The Bird Tribunal’ by Agnes Ravatn was without question one of my top five reads of this year. Although only short this book still haunts me now. In a good way. A very good way. My review can be found here. The book can be purchased at the following links:

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