The #Bookvent Calendar – Day 1


So. In the countdown to Christmas, I am going to attempt (and I must stress the word attempt) to list my favourite reads of 2016. My only rules – I must have awarded the book(s) 5 stars and it/they must have been published this year. I will try and do an honourable mention between Christmas and New Year of books which I have read and loved but were published before Jan 1st, but let’s face it. I have to narrow the list down somehow. There is no ranking in this list, I’ve just been through my reading list, starting in Jan and working my way back, trying to narrow it down to the final few. With one possible exception …

The problem is I really do love to read good books, so if I don’t love it, I don’t read it and I don’t review it. If I miss you from this countdown, please know it’s not personal or not that I didn’t love your book because, you lovely authors you, I do love you all (in the purely platonic, you are making me happy by writing good books kind of way. Let’s not get carried away now.)

So – what is behind door number 1? Well it’s a book published way back in January, the very book which started my obsession with collecting signed first editions and has subsequently cost me lots and lots of money …

In The Cold Dark Ground

by Stuart MacBride


Love these books and love Logan McRae, the poor guy. I only came across this series by accident, reading the first book ‘Cold Granite’ in early 2015. By January 2016, now completely hooked, I had read them all. And the Ash Henderson books (love the darkness in those).

So yes. This is my bookvent treat number 1 and also one of my favourite reads of this year. My review can be found here. You can purchase it from any of the following links:

Amazon UK


See you tomorrow for book 2 (if I remember…)


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12 thoughts on “The #Bookvent Calendar – Day 1

  1. Excellent choice! Bloody love these books, biased as they’re set just on my doorstep so I have a fondness for the characters, settings & dialect haha

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    1. Now that would be telling… There is no order to these books, just running through my read list from Jan to December and picking out my favourites. I might do an all time list for Christmas day but right now I only know my favourite book and favourite character. Will have to think a little if there are any more categories.

      in fairness, I only decided to commit to doing this while lying in bed not wanting to get up this morning. It still needs a little more planning 😉

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