Goodbye 2016: A (very long) New Year confession and a thank you.


So. 2016. What a funny old year. I’m not talking about the political upheaval on either side of the Atlantic, although it will most certainly be a year to remember. I am talking personally. And both a little but ha ha and a lot bit peculiar. 2017 is going to be a year of change. Not necessarily major change, but change none the less and I should probably explain why.

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A New Year’s Resolution… Sort of. Ish.


So… I’m not one for New Year resolutions as a rule because 1) I have the shortest attention span known to man and forget what I plan to do within minutes, even if written down (usually because I lose the book I wrote it in) and 2) because resolutions like this are absolutely pointless. The only way you will ever complete a task you set yourself, be it losing weight, saving money or giving up smoking is by having the motivation and the willpower to succeed. IMHO, never start a new thing on the 1st Jan. It is nearly always doomed to failure. Start on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th, and you may succeed, but only because you really want to, not because the clock struck 12:00 at the start of another year.

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Review: ‘Murder on the Marsh’ by Anne Penketh – guest review by @mgriffiths163


The Official Book Blurb


DI Sam Clayton has never dealt with such an extreme crime in the quiet Norfolk villages that are part of his patch. When a waitress, Emma Dawson, disappears, it looks like the police might have a serial killer on their hands. Emma seems to have been part of cultish group obsessed with contacting the dead via a medieval mystic. But a mysterious Frenchman and one of the local nature wardens are also suspects. The mystery is further complicated by the locals’ reluctance to share their secrets with the police. DI Clayton’s team also harbour some tragic secrets and it looks like only one of his detectives will be kept on, even if they do catch the vicious killer.

When another child disappears, DI Clayton faces a race against time to prevent any further crimes. Not only that, but he must confront local superstitions and keep his team under control as violence threatens to spiral out of control.

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Not quite book post (although they did arrive that way)… My collection.

So. I am a pleb. There’s no hiding from the fact. It is quite simply true. Until early last year I had not even considered the fact that you could follow authors on Twitter. And bookshops! I love book shops.

I know what you’re thinking… Like I said. I’m a pleb.

The dangerous thing about discovering authors and bookshops and publishers!!! on Twitter (apart from amassing a dangerously high tbr pile) is that I also picked up on the fact that I could pre-order a signed first edition of the then still to be released John Connolly book, ‘A Time of Torment.’ A signed first edition. I had never even considered such a thing. But having devoured most of his back catalogue in less than a year it was a gimme gimme moment and I had to order it asap. And there in started a new hobby. Book collecting. More specifically, signed 1st edition collecting.

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