Read a @Bookouture a Day: The Round Up

So that’s it. The end of my ‘Read a Bookouture a Day‘ feature fortnight. I hope you’ve enjoyed my trip down memory lane. It certainly opened my eyes when I started to look back and realised just how many of their books and authors I had read over the past couple of years. I’ve only been reading in earnest again since 2015 and Bookouture are now just 4 years old, yet I feel as though I have been reading their authors for years. I know I will be for many years to come. There are just some Publishers you trust for quality and Bookouture are one of them. I’m fairly certain that between them their authors could rewrite the encyclopaedia Britannica (and probably improve it) and I’d definitely be first in line to read it. It would almost certainly end up on a bestseller list way before publication date, although I’m not sure in which category. 😉

I hope that you’ve enjoyed some of my posts, and perhaps found your next read amongst them. The truth is, if I’d had the time I could probably have written posts for weeks on the fabulous authors over at Bookouture. The reviews I have published this past fortnight are just a taste of what this super publisher have to offer. For a full list of their authors, you can go to their website here. They have a huge number of books on offer, women’s literature, a bit of the old romance, some true Christmas crackers, and more crime and thriller books than you could shake a stick at. Go and take a look if you don’t believe me.

I will be recapping and reviewing a couple more Bookouture titles during Christmas week, dipping into their amazing festive offering. I’m one of the most bah humbug people I know but even I couldn’t help but crack a smile, go awww, and have a chuckle at some of these brilliant books.

But for now, should the mood take you, please do go and take a look back at some of the blog posts and the amazing books I have been fortunate enough to be able to read. And to remind yourself of just why Bookouture are so fluffing fabulous, select any of the images below. You know you want to.

img_0278 Caroline Mitchell – Love You To Death Blog Tour

30369783 Tom Bale

32604094 Kathryn Croft – While You Were Sleeping Blog Tour

The Step MotherLast to die Arlene Hunt and Claire Seeber

3195000114601100_10210395207978595_1034519205223270192_n Mel Sherratt and K.L.Slater

32284387 Kelly Rimmer

2992008129056921 Louise Jensen and Kerry Fisher

2924556929104226 Laura Elliot and Renita D’Silva

31820148 Angela Marsons – Pt 1 – The Kim Stone Ones

the-forgotten-woman Angela Marsons Pt 2 – The Emotional Ones

32179079the-taken J.S.Carol and Casey Kelleher

32792767 Robert Bryndza – Review – Miss Wrong and Mr Right

31433106-1  Robert Bryndza – The Erika Foster Series

29362316 Monica James

And my overall verdict for Bookouture? Why its quite simply


What else?

Happy reading all.


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