Read a @Bookouture a Day: Featured Author – Tom Bale (@t0mbale)

So. Earlier this year I was looking for something a little bit different to read. Something which would give me a nice little distraction from the everyday. By the wonder of NetGalley, I’d come across a book listed for Bookouture which sounded kind of interesting. A bit of a cat and mouse chase kind of deal. Something a little bit different from the mountain of (very good) police procedurals I’d been reading. I’d read a few Bookouture books and enjoyed them, so figured this was surely a safe bet and duly made my request. Being the generous publishers that they are, Bookouture granted my wish and soon the book was winding it’s way to my kindle.

That book was ‘See How They Run‘ by Tom Bale. And what a book it was.


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