Planning and plotting for the month ahead…


Spent a bit of time this morning going for a nice long walk around the local deer park. It was a bit chilly but a beautiful walk nonetheless, the autumnal colours really adding to the experience, along with the sound of the leaves crunching under foot. Is there a better season than Autumn really?

While I was on my walk (still smiling from last night – face hurts now from all the strain), I started to think about how I would fill out the blog this month. I have a couple of long weekends in which I plan to do much reading so reviews will clearly feature. I’m also on a couple of blog tours which I am absolutely thrilled about, so that’s another couple of days taken care of.

I thought about some of the fab publishers I have been lucky enough to get books from and one that stood out was Bookouture. I’ve read loads of their books and figured that alongside the blog tours I could fill in the week by revisiting some of my earlier reviews. One small problem. There are just so many fantastic books by so many superb authors, I just don’t know where to start. I don’t want to leave anybody out so I shall be doing feature days for authors where I have read more than 1 book and rewind days where I will revisit reviews for the rest with multiple authors on one day. At least that’s the plan. Even so, I need a fortnight just to fit it all in…


The biggest surprise of all, was that during week two of Bookouture-age I will reach my six monthiversary of having the blog. Out of curiosity, I went back through my posts to see what my first post was. I know I posted quite a few of my old reviews from Goodreads on that day, 23rd May, just to kick start the blog, but wasn’t sure who was first. So, I checked. And flip me, you will not believe it but the very first review I posted on here was for ‘Play Dead’ by Angela Marsons. After last nights auction and every blinking emotion I have had since then, I don’t think there could be a more fitting post to talk about. Guess who’s going to be feature author on that day then? 😉 The first review on my blog, the first author whose book made me cry in public and the first author to get £600 out of me for a signed book (and so much more). I’ve spent a couple of bob over this year on signed books but that was certainly a record.

I’m planning more features (hopefully) for the end of November and have another blog tour for ‘Scared to Death’ by Rachel Amphlett in December which I am super stoked about too. I’ve set me and my sister a target to read some Christmas books in time for the week before the big day and hope to get those reviews up on the blog too.

All in all, I’m starting to feel like a bit of an organised blogger. Sort of. As long as I remember to do it all. If not, you can see that the thought was there and it’s the thought that counts right? 😉

Happy reading all



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