#BloggerFainting – Holy Guacamole

I am one very happy book blogger tonight. A book blogger in need of a stiff drink and a lie down in a darkened room to try and get control of my blood pressure again, but happy nonetheless.

I just won the Angela Marsons auction run by emmathelittlebookworm in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. Like super wowee. I get the hand written notes that Angie put together when writing her latest fantastically brilliant Kim Stone novel ‘Blood Lines‘. Me. Super happy bunny. I’d be bouncing but I’m not sure my legs are steady enough and as I’m on my own right now, don’t want to risk it 😉 It was so tense, incremental bidding until the very last moment and I looked at it and thought, you know what… sod it. And I won!

Super happy feel good factor in helping such a worthy cause. I’ve seen so many people, including family, battle that horrid disease, some luckier than others and this is just my little way of saying that they all matter, and to those who aren’t here anymore, we still miss you.

Sorry to Tom Bale, but I think this probably puts the double hugs into second place in a list of super amazing things to happen to me this past week. Never been happier to have been adopted by the bookish community because otherwise I wouldn’t have read Angie’s amazing books and I’d never have known about the auction. Thank you to Emma and Angie for organising it. You guys absolutely rock.

I really do need to go and lie down now. Hands are still shaking…

Happy weekend all.


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