So… It’s been one of those weeks.

Lots of reading done over last weekend, and a couple of reviews published to boot but then I seem to have stalled. It’s not that I haven’t been busy. Luton-shire this morning and a nice 12 hr trip that was. And I’ve been reading. And reading. And reading …

But I haven’t been blogging. Or summarising my week. Or doing other bloggishly organised things that I vowed I might do so that people think I am starting to become competent at this blogging game. Essentially I’m still a bit crap really but hey. I own it.

Still. I did go to my first Blogger & Author event at the weekend organised by the fab Kim (The Bookworm) Nash. Because I am a naturally hermit like introvert when it comes to anything outside of work, I was a bit worried about going but I needn’t have been. Everyone was fab and I got to meet some of my bloggy twitter ‘pen pals’ including the lovely Jo from My Chestnut Reading Tree, Emma from Damp Pebbles, Tracie from Passionate About Books who was absolutely lovely and put me very much at ease when I first got there, the fabulously brill Noelle aka Crime Book Junkie and Rachel from Rachel’s Random Reads among many other fabulous bloggers and writers. Thanks to all for making me feel so welcome (you know who you are 😃). And an extra added bonus feature: I got a double Tom Bale hug!!! TOM BALE! He of the absolutely fantabulous ‘All Fall Down and ‘See How They Run‘.2 hugs!!! I was like aaaaaahhhhhh. I think I kept my cool, although if I’d been at home it would definitely have been a ‘bouncing around the living room like a plankish tigger caught up in a fangirl moment’ type of thing. 😁 I’m crap with the selfies (hate them) so I have no evidence but there were witnesses 😉.

Anyway. Back to bloggish stuff. This week I’ve been reading Black Widow by Christoper Brookmyre and ‘Truth Will Out‘ by A.D. Garrett. Reviews will be forthcoming, honestly. I have also just finished reading ‘Scared To Death‘ by Rachel Amphlett. It’s the first in a new series featuring DS Kay Hunter but oh my gosh, its a cracker. You’ll have to wait for a full review on publication day, but it’s available for pre-order on i-Tunes for a December 6th release, so if you’re looking for a great new series to sink your teeth into, this could well be it. Tense, nail biting, edge of the seat action and an engaging heroine to boot. Brilliant stuff. Much much starage to be bestowed upon this one.

Also, I have updated links to Ann Girdharry’s blog continuing s her celebration of ‘Authors of Colour’ in which she reviews ‘Cinders’ by V.M.Sawh. It can be accessed by selecting the image on the side menu bar or by clicking here.

So. Not a great weekly round up but you can access all of my reviews published this week (plus a bonus double plug – one per hug – for Tom Bale 😉) by clicking on the images below.

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I have many plans this weekend for a reading blitz. Tomorrow marks the end of my last full week at work for 2016. 4 day weeks from here on in and I am going to butcher that TBR list. 2 blog tours coming up the week after next which I’m super excited about (starting to feel like a growed up bloggist now) and a few ideas about how I can actually manage to remember to post things on my blog.

Oh, and tomorrow marks release day for the superb ‘Blood Lines’ by Angela Marsons so be prepared for a lot or tweets and retweets of my review which can be found here. 😉

Happy Reading All


16 thoughts on “So… It’s been one of those weeks.

  1. honestly, you sound pretty organized to me! I’ve been blogging 5 weeks saturday and i’m behind on reading and reviewing already. I haven’t been able to get it together for a weekly round up post or monthly even. I’m really enjoying chatting with other bloggers but it’s a lot of work to actually blog and also read, write, and interact. I’ll keep moving forward though:) Good post!!


    1. Thanks. You’ll get there. I was exactly the same with a to be read list I never thought I’d clear. Only been at this just under six months myself so I never remember to do all the other posts about wrap ups etc. I think you just need to find your own stride. Blog and review for you. Everything else will fall into place.

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      1. I look at it this way, it’s in a really good cause so thanks to you and Angie really for organising. I’m happy to keep pushing people up. If I win then even better. And trust me, you’ll hit three hundred.

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  2. Am so glad you came along last week! It was so good to meet you and have a chat. Make sure you come to the next one too! I introduced Emma to Tom Bale too, he is such a lovely man isn’t he? 😊😊


    1. Absolutely. I totally wasn’t expecting to see him there and when I saw him with Kim I had to do a double take. Think I’ll be able to go to the London one as I’m there all weekend. Just got to juggle a bit.

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    1. It’s very different to anything I e read before. Never read any Brookmyre before but enjoying it so far. I guess it’s the difference in perspective viewed from a journalists eyes.


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