Review – ‘Cristina’ by Jake Parent (@GhostOfChinaski)


Cristina Rodriguez desperately needs a new start. Having left an abusive relationship, she is living with her Grandmother and Uncle, sharing their sofa with her young daughter Anise. She thinks she has found her perfect place in a small house on the edge of the Californian town of Pleasure Point. With a secluded location and a beautiful ocean view, it is everything that she wants for her and her daughter.

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Review – ‘Black Widow’ by Chris Brookmyre (@cbrookmyre)


A darkened road in the dead of night. A car loses control on a tight bend, plunging into an icy cold, deep river known locally as Widow Falls. An anonymous call is made to the police from a later untraceable woman, and although they find the car, there is no sign of the driver. Have they been swept away in the current or has something more sinister taken place? Just what really did happen out on that road that night?

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Life is sweet – rewind, relax, recap.

So here we are again. Monday. I’m working another short week (yippee) and catching up on some reading and reviewing (as you do). I’ve sacrificed one of my short weeks (I’ll have to work a full five days) but it’s all in a good cause and I’m going to be doing something which will make it so worth it, so I don’t really mind.

Busy old fortnight really. I’ve just finished my Bookouture feature fortnight which was brilliant but crazy when you realise just how many books I have read and the simple fact that they are only the tip of a very large and very fast moving iceberg. I’m already thinking ahead my next Bookouture blog tour and have two new books by their authors on pre-order for 2017, knowing that several other of my favourite authors are working hard and fast on their next releases. Crazy…

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Read a @Bookouture a Day: The Round Up

So that’s it. The end of my ‘Read a Bookouture a Day‘ feature fortnight. I hope you’ve enjoyed my trip down memory lane. It certainly opened my eyes when I started to look back and realised just how many of their books and authors I had read over the past couple of years. I’ve only been reading in earnest again since 2015 and Bookouture are now just 4 years old, yet I feel as though I have been reading their authors for years. I know I will be for many years to come. There are just some Publishers you trust for quality and Bookouture are one of them. I’m fairly certain that between them their authors could rewrite the encyclopaedia Britannica (and probably improve it) and I’d definitely be first in line to read it. It would almost certainly end up on a bestseller list way before publication date, although I’m not sure in which category. 😉

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One Night Only … Not a fluffing chance. We’re coming back. #DreamgirlsLDN

Now, anyone who knows me well can tell you that as well as having a bit of a thing for books right now, I also have a bit of a thing for music. And theatre. And, more specifically, musical theatre. My all time favourite shows have, up until now, been Sunset Boulevard and Miss Saigon.

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