Queen of Industry … well industrial units, but it’s close enough.

So. This week I am mostly in Dublin, with a potential side order of Belfast just for good measure. Not as glamorous as it may sound as when I say Dublin, tonight I actually mean Park West and I have seen a grand total of this wonderful industrial estate and the M50 motorway, as is the case for most of my monthly visits.

Tomorrow, I get to journey far and wide as I am on the hunt for a new industrial unit that could be a place for my team of Dublin based drivers to call their home. There is only so much excitement I can generate for this task as I still won’t really get to see anything of the city other than what little bits we pass travelling up and down the motorway. One day …

I may get to mix it up on Wednesday with a last minute scheduled trip up to Belfast for a customer site visit. Again, not very exciting but I will get to see a little more of the city than the last time I came when my visit contained a trip to the airport and an industrial unit next to the airport … No. Travel isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Still, productive weekend this weekend, reading wise at least. Managed to get a few books for my Niece to review. She’s a little nervous but also getting quite excited I think. She’s already been bending her mom’s ear about the book she’s reading anyway. Aside from that, I got a few books finished myself, as well as fitting in a couple of reviews so despite a manic schedule, not a bad week book wise.

So … my roundup.

Books I have read:


First up the funny, moving and occasionally chilling ‘Tall Oaks by Chris Whitaker. The story of a small Californian town which has been rocked by the disappearance of a three-year-old boy from his home. The narrative follows several of the residents of Tall Oaks as they go about their lives in the aftermath of the tragedy. From distraught mother Jess, to Police chief Jim, to the hilarious ‘gangster-in-training’ Manny, the characterizations are perfect. Definitely one of my favourite reads this year and Manny has to be up for character of the year too. My full review can be found here.


Everyone Brave Is Forgiven‘ by Chris Cleave is a book I read a while ago and listened to again this past week on audio. Set during the second world war, it is the story of two sets of friends who lead very different lives as they try to navigate differing views of the same war. Touching, heart breaking and very authentic in tone, my review can be found here.


Next up was ‘The Girls Next Door by Mel Sherratt. The start of a new series set in Stockleigh and centered around DS Eden Berrisford, the story focuses on the attacks of several teenagers in the town, believed to be in retaliation for the murder of a young girl some months before. When Eden’s niece goes missing, it becomes a race against time to find who has taken her and try and understand what it is they want. A cracking start to the new series with some really likable characters and a thought provoking ending, my review is here. The Girls next door is released on 27th October by Bookouture.

Read but still to be reviewed:


Love You To Death by Caroline Mitchell, the first in her new Ruby Preston series with Bookouture. You’ll have to wait for my review as part of the blog tour but if you haven’t yet done so then I recommend you preorder by clicking on the link above. Someone is abducting women from their homes, hoping that they will prove themselves worthy of being their new ‘mummy.’ But what do they need to do to meet Lucy’s expectations, and what will Lucy do when the let her down? Gruesome, thrilling and with some heart pounding moments, this is an absolute must read.


What can I even say about this book? ‘The Bird Tribunal by Agnes Ravatn is a stunning piece of writing and nothing quite like anything I have read before. Set at a remote Norwegian fjord, it is the story of Allis who accepts a job as housekeeper to an almost reclusive man, Bagge. He is not at all the man she had expected him to be and out of a strained and unconventional relationship comes a tense, intoxicating obsession. The setting is perfectly isolating, the narrative so beautifully written, I have been thinking for 24hrs now and still don’t know how to put into words what I feel.  It was absolutely brilliant.


And then for something completely different – this one made my eyes leak. On a plane!!! ‘A Mother’s Confession‘ by Kelly Rimmer is a emotionally testing story of a woman who is struggling to regain a normal life after her husband’s death. But her husband was no saint and her grief is as much about surviving the aftermath of an abusive relationship as it is the loss of her husband, a man she both loved and loathed. Told from the points of view of Olivia and her mother in law, Ivy, we get two very different views of the same man. And oh, that ending. I have never been so glad to still have a cough in my life as I used it to ‘disguise’ my tears. Heart breaking but all too real.

What I am reading next:

Rather Be The Devil by Ian Rankin

The Good Sisters by Helen Phifer

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Busier week than I thought in the end.

Happy Reading All