So. I’m trying to be a good blogger …

Failing miserably, but I’m giving it a shot and that’s what counts right? ;o)

So as I have now managed to post something every day for nine days – yes that is correct – nine days – I am going to do a bit of a round up. One: because I can; and two: because I have read and reviewed some fluffing good books this past week which deserve a bit more time in the spotlight. So – here I go.

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‘Blood Lines’ by Angela Marsons (@WriteAngie) – finally a book review


When D.I. Kim Stone and her team are called out to a crime scene, it should be a relatively straightforward case; a simple case of a robbery gone bad. The female victim, found in her car outside of a pub, suffered a single stab wound to her heart before being left to die. Except this is anything other than straightforward. For one thing, no one knows why the victim would have been outside this particular pub. And the very nature of the attack makes Kim doubtful that everything is as it seems.

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