What a day. Cake, books and a sneaky Boost bar…

Happy doesn’t even start to cover it.

First, despite nearly over sleeping and finding I lost my kindle case somewhere yesterday (don’t ask – no idea where or how), made it into work half an hour early and started as I needed to go on – with plenty of coffee.

Scheduled post for ‘We Were On A Break‘ by Lindsey Kelk went out on time. Tidy. Did a bit of a book boost for Tom Bale and ‘All Fall Down‘ (he needs to be number 1 peeps). Reposted my review of ‘Cut To The Bone‘ by Alex Caan too. Alex has certainly been making me laugh the past couple of days so deserves a few cheeky retweets I think 😉 All things bloggish and bookish completed, I am ready to rock my day.

And budgets wait for no woman, so after an hour or so more of (very very business related obviously) procrastination I closed my office door and cracked open my Irish budget. A knock at the door and suddenly I am presented with a thank you note and a piece of cake for the recent project team I led.


Fair enough. Not eaten the cake yet but it looks sweet. Put it to one side and after a bit more procrastination, I crack on with the budget.

This afternoon, I get a Twitter notification. I’ve won a book giveaway. Tidy. Feeling a little smug and a bit hyper after a cheeky lunchtime Cadbury Boost bar (not diet food but hey ho) so I struggle on with the budget to the end of the day.

And then… I get home. There is a brown box in my porch. I don’t remember ordering anything, or at least nothing that has been dispatched yet. So I bring said box in and as it’s not ticking and I can see no obvious wires, I open it.


Oh, happy, happy me. The most awesome and wonderful Karen Sullivan from Orenda Books has only gone and sent me a delectable haul of books. ‘The Bird Tribunal‘ by Agnes Ravatn; ‘The Mountain in my Shoe‘ by Louise Beech; The Exiled‘ by Kati Hiekkapelto; and ‘A Suitable Lie‘ by Michael J. Malone. And I am like … WOW! We only spoke a couple of nights ago so I really wasn’t expecting anything, at least not this soon. When I say that I was literally bouncing around the living room, you can take that to mean that I was actually, quite literally (the true dictionary definition of the word) bouncing around the living room like an overgrown, podgy Tigger wannabe. I’ve never had official book post before and I am beyond excited. And they are such fabulous titles that are on my bookish wish list so I am still grinning. And my cat is still staring at me like I am mad.


Luna just doesn’t understand. I am always chuffed when I get approved for a book on NetGalley as I’m hardly a prolific blogger, my online footprint is microscopic in modern tinterweb terms, and I am, at best, an amateur reviewer, trying hard to improve, and publishers would be quite right to say no. So this… This is something else. I am so very chuffed and I cannot thank Karen enough.

I love the book community. Writers, readers, publishers, bloggers. They’re all good eggs and a big happy family I’m proud to be apart of.

Happy reading everyone.