‘The Killing Game’ by J.S. Carol (@JamesCarolBooks)


You go to lunch at your favourite, exclusive, Hollywood restaurant. You look around at the people you are dining next to. Every one of them is part of the Hollywood elite or at least connected to the industry in some way. Directors, actors, models – all of you going about your business, barely cognisant of those around you. Until that is, a masked gunman wearing a suicide vest bursts into the restaurant and takes you all hostage. Then you start to notice the others around you, begin to wonder if these are the last people you will see before you die.

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I completely suck at blogging…

No seriously. I’m hopeless.

I’ll never be a prolific blogger with reviews scheduled months and weeks in advance. I’ll never be chasing down authors for guests posts or interviews, even though I’m more than happy to host them, a) because I’m too chicken to make the approach and b) because I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

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