Review – ‘The Good Sisters’ by Helen Phifer

Happy Publication day to Helen Phifer whose new chilling mystery, The Good Sisters is released today.


In 1931, Mother Superior Agnes opens her doors to offer sanctuary to a young woman who claims that she is running from an abusive husband. There is something about this woman that makes Agnes uneasy, something which she cannot put her finger on but which her younger Sisters do not seem to see. When she wakes the following morning to find that something terrible has happened to one of the other women. But the young woman befell her fate in a room which was locked from the inside and from which no killer could possibly flee. Agnes cannot help but worry about just who or what she has allowed to enter their convent but not even she can’t begin to understand the true nature of evil which has entered those hallowed walls.

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Review – ‘The Bird Tribunal’ by Agnes Ravatn (@OrendaBooks)

Before I begin, I should perhaps explain. If this review makes no sense it is probably because I don’t really think there are any words to describe quite how this book made me feel. And I have used many, many words, but it still doesn’t feel enough. Absolutely amazing book.


Allis Hagtorn has left her life in the city behind, instead electing to take self imposed exile working as a housekeeper and gardener at a home on a remote and isolated fjord. She had expected to find herself in the employ of an older man, someone for whom upkeep of the property would be too much. However, Sigurd Bagge is nothing like she had expected. In his forties and of seemingly sound mind and body, she can see no reason why he should need her help. However, she is grateful of the job, thankful for a means to escape the mistakes of her past.

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Review – ‘A Mother’s Confession’ by Kelly Rimmer (@KelRimmerWrites; @bookouture)


Warning: May contain minor spoilers.

To the outside world it seemed as though David and Olivia had the perfect marriage. A successful businessman, elected to the Town Council, David was highly respected around town, and Olivia was a highly popular vet. When their little Zoe was born their family was complete. Nothing could be more perfect. But every marriage has its secrets. Only their families knew the truth about their marriage and the cracks that had started to appear. One family was in denial, the other estranged. And neither could have foreseen what was to come. Or could they?

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Queen of Industry … well industrial units, but it’s close enough.

So. This week I am mostly in Dublin, with a potential side order of Belfast just for good measure. Not as glamorous as it may sound as when I say Dublin, tonight I actually mean Park West and I have seen a grand total of this wonderful industrial estate and the M50 motorway, as is the case for most of my monthly visits.

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Review – ‘The Girls Next Door’ by Mel Sherratt (@WriterMels)


Katie Trent doesn’t really like Nathan Lucas. She’s only going out with him as a favour to her best friend Jess and her boyfriend Cayden, and now, because Jess is ill, she must go and see him on her own. To put up with his bad moods and even worse breath. And to make matters worse, he has two of his thuggish mates with him. They are waiting for something. Or someone. In a few short horrifying moments, Katie watches as Nathan and his mates lay into someone they think is neighbourhood bad boy Travis Barker. Nathan pulls a knife and before Katie knows what is happening he has stabbed the stranger twice. 

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