Busy Weekend … (Not really)

So. I’m trying hard to get back on top of things. Failing miserably but at least I’m giving it a shot, right?

In spite of being tired and probably stressed, I managed to read a couple of books this week. Actually, read read rather than listen read (although I did that too). First up was The Taken by Casey Kelleher, which will be published by Bookouture on 5th October, and Strangers by Paul Finch which is published by Avon and out on Thursday 22nd September. Both were excellent and full reviews are to follow shortly but you couldn’t go far wrong in giving both a whirl.

Yesterday, I took a day off from reading and headed into Brummygum to see the national tour of Sister Act at the Alex, starring Alexandra Burke. It’s probably about the fourth or fifth time I’ve seen it, although it’s been updated for this tour with new songs and a consderably less glamourous set than previous versions. It was still excellent, and I sort of had my own ‘sister act’ going on as both big and middle sisters were there with me. Thankfully none of us tried to sing. That would have hurt. A lot. Aexandra Burke was excellent (hat girl has a serious set of pipes on her) as was the guy playing Sweaty Eddie. Excellent show. I loved it.

I’ve also been dipping in and out of the #KIllerWomen Crime Club Anthology a delightful collection of shorts by some of groups superb authors. I’m about a third of the way in and the stories have been fab, Tammy Cohen’s ‘The Previous Tenant‘ and Alex Marwood’s ‘On The Undercliff‘ two all too brief highlights so far. It’s really putting me in the mood for Killer Women Fest which I am going to next month. The agenda looks amazing and the hardest part will be prioritising just what I want to see the most. Tickets are still available here and if you like crime and mystery and you’re around London on 15th of next month, it has to be worth a look.

This week, after hosting the final stop of Julia Robert’s blog tour on Tuesday, I shall mostly be attempting to catch up on reviews and reading, as well as a completing two coffee related conference calls (George Clooney has a lot to answer for – yes it’s that coffee) and undertaking another early morning road trip to Crawley. It’s a half-twoer unfortunately but hey ho. More audio book time. I’ve a choice of more vintage Ian Rankin or Val McDermid or Claire Mackintosh’s new book, I See You. Decisions, decisions …

The eagle eyed of you (the very few followers I have) may have spotted my random doodlings. It was part of a writing course I took a few months back. I’m thinking of expanding upon it slowly but surely. I have a very long way to go, in every sense. Don’t hate me for it. I’m trying to hide it. Really I am.

Well, happy what’s left of Sunday all and have a fab week.