Random thoughts on a Monday evening…

Long week ahead. Lots and lots of budget type spreadsheeting to do and after a simple day of flow charts and data analysis, my brain is already fried. Doesn’t bode well for the next four days now does it?

However, it’s not all bad. This weekend I shall be venturing to Bloody Scotland for the very first time. I have picked a wide array of author events to go to, some old favourites like Stuart MacBride and Val McDermid as well as some authors who are completely new to me but whose books sound really interesting and right up my street. I can’t wait. Neither can my sister or my nephew as I have promised both to return from Stirling with Empire biscuits. (They’re easily pleased).

I have several books I want to read this week, two audio books lined up for my short jaunt up the road to Scotland (900 mile round trip – easy), and a number of absolutely excellent books due for release this week that I shall be championing, and therefore will be saturating my twitter feed with reposted reviews (and I make no apologies for it.)

And to make a long day a little happier, I received an advance proof copy of the new John Grisham novel, ‘The Whistler’ today courtesy of a Hodder & Stoughton competition. I am a lucky, happy bunny.

Happy week ahead all.