Review – ‘We Were On A Break’ by Lindsey Kelk (@LindseyKelk)


Liv and Adam are at the end of a dream holiday in Mexico. Liv is waiting for Adam to propose, knowing that it’s meant to be a secret. And Adam? Well he has the whole night planned – the restaurant, the music – it’s going to be perfect. Except the evening gets off to a bad start and as Adam begins to second guess himself, everything starts to fall apart. What should have been a sure fire proposal turns into a mess of poor communication and misunderstandings and before they know it, they’re on a ‘break’.

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Absolutely not a book review – yet. ‘Blood Lines’ by Angela Marsons (@WriteAngie)


So… I’m not going to review this book just yet. Not properly. Nope. You can’t make me.

But I am going to say this. As soon as I saw this little beauty was available on NetGalley I was all over it. Downloaded straight away (clearly not while I was at work, that would have been terribly naughty 😉 ), I was right onto it the minute I got home. If I hadn’t had to be up at 01:30 the following morning I would not have stopped reading until I was done. As it was, I had to wait to finish until the next evening but it was absolutely worth it.

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Review – ‘Strangers’ by Paul Finch (@paulfinchauthor)


PC Lucy Clayburn has spent the best part of ten years policing the streets. A grievous error has held her career back; the force has a long memory and what happened seems destined to follow Lucy for the rest of her career. When she is called on to join Operation Clearway, set up to try and catch a killer, Lucy jumps at the chance, hoping it will give her the opportunity to prove to the powers that be where she really belongs.

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Blog Tour – A review of Julia Roberts’ ‘Time For A Short Story’


It is my great pleasure to be the final stop on this whistle stop blog tour for Julia Roberts’ new book, ‘Time for a Short Story’.

During her summer break from University, Eloise takes a job working at June’s tearoom, ‘Primrose Pantry’. Living with her grandmother, Eloise is still trying to get over the death of her mother and the tearoom with its steady flow of customers is a welcome distraction.

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Review – ‘The Taken’ by Casey Kelleher (@CaseyKelleher)


Saskia Frost is an eighteen-year-old ballet student who has her whole world thrown into disarray following the death of her father. Discovering that he was in serious debt to the vicious Harper brothers, Joshua and Vincent, she stands to lose her home too unless she can make some kind of deal, some arrangement to clear her father’s debts. She soon finds herself working for the Harpers in their lap dancing club, drawn into a seedy world that she has no place being in.

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