Review – ‘Her Darkest Nightmare’ by Brenda Novak (@Brenda_Novak)

Hanover House is a penitentiary steeped in controversy. Established as a place for Dr Evelyn Talbot to study the behaviour patterns of psychopaths, it provides a home to some of the worst serial killers in the US, those who score the highest on the PCL-R, a test designed to identify people with strong psychopathic tendencies. [...]

‘Out of Bounds’ by Val McDermid (@valmcdermid)

DCI Karen Pirie is back. Struggling to adjust to life without her colleague and partner, Phil, she spends her nights walking the streets of Edinburgh, willing the tiredness to come to her. On her walks, she meets a group of Syrian refugees, their plight reminding her that life is complicated for all, and that the [...]