Feeling sleepy… Zzzz


So. A little over half way through the month and at the end of hump day, and it’s fair to say I am feeling a little sleepy. Obviously the heat at the moment isn’t helping with that (not that I’m complaining as it’s better than the alternative), but neither are the 02:00, 03:00 and 04:00 starts that I’ve had over the past few weeks. Waking up at 01:00 when you know you weren’t asleep before 00:15 is not much fun. Especially when followed by a 200 mile drive with the knowledge you have to drive the 200 miles back again later…

Still, I have managed to clear another couple of audio books and am 40% through the next on my hit list. I’ve gone a little retro with my audio, using the excess driving time to clear the back catalogue of Ian Rankin, Mark Billingham and Val McDermid that I totally missed during by self-inflicted 17 year absence from reading. They make for a rather, how should I put it, interesting journey. especially when hearing ‘The Mermaid’s Singing’ for the first time. Don;t know what I had been expecting, but probably not that. Of course that was back in May and since then I’ve ‘met’ Jacko Vance and a whole host of other suitable audio nasties. Keeps me awake on the long drives…

It got me thinking today though, about all of the destinations I have travelled to and continue to travel to annually. They have increased in number this year with the opening of 3 new depots and may potentially grow again next year. I still have to wrap up visits to Galway and Limerick at some stage too, but it’s not as glam as it may sound.

The reason these destinations came to mind was during my travels to Southampton on Tuesday, it struck me that some of reading habits seem to work in parallel to my ‘work’ habits. For example, one of the next books on my TBR list is set down in Southampton, the book I read at the weekend was set in Bristol, which is where I was today, and the same happened a few months ago when I was travelling to Exeter at the same time as reading a book set in Devon. As I’m on the Rebus audio-fest, it really isn’t hard to draw the line from there to my new Edinburgh depot.

So I was thinking – I wonder if is it possible to fill in one excellent book or series of books for each area of the UK and Ireland that I manage depots in. I am going to have to get my thinking cap on I think, maybe act regionally and get slightly liberal and sometimes creative with the location – unless anyone can suggest a book set in Warrington or Washington T&W. (And I’m not after a Kerry Katona biography for the first one. I like a good horror story but even I have my limits). I may have to stretch over to Glasgow to cover off Airdrie, Cardiff for Bridgend, that kind of thing, but if I manage to come up with a full list I’ll let you know.

Maybe if I get stuck, someone out there in the blogosphere with have a suggestion I can add to my TBR list. My target locations in the UK are:

Aberdeenshire, Inverness, North Lanarkshire, Dundee, Edinburgh, Tyne & Wear, West Yorkshire, Manchester, Cheshire, Leicestershire, Norfolk, Shropshire, Bristol, Mid Glamorgan, Devon, Oxfordshire, Essex, Kent, London, Berkshire, Hampshire, West Sussex, Bedfordshire and Belfast.

And in Ireland: Cork, Limerick, Dublin and Galway.

All suggestions welcomed…

Dublin tomorrow, Edinburgh and Manchester next week. What a jet set life I lead. 😉

Happy travelicious reading and listening