So, here’s the thing…

Today has been a very long day. Left home at 02:00 this morning to travel to Washington T&W. A1 was closed at Jct 50 so a small detour and a coffee stop later, I made it there by 06:00. Not too shabby. Coming home… frustratingly longer. Cut across country this time – usually very pretty when it’s not raining. Today… grey and miserable for the most part. Got home about 17:10. I am understandably cream crackered.

Thank the lord for audio books. ‘The Last Temptation’ by Val McDermid kept me company all the way home through the heavy traffic, behind the caravans, after my coffee pit stop – all 430 miles of my round trip. Last week I relied upon Ian Rankin to keep me amused. 3 days out next week and a total of around 600 miles and 10 hours of driving plus several hours at Bummygum Airport for my monthly Dublin trip. Lord knows who will keep me company then…

It has been a great way to catch up on my reading, to keep me awake and keep me relaxed. Sadly, I’ve also had a lot of thinking time. Its been a funny old week this one.and I’m not entirely sure thinking time is a good thing. It has made me somewhat melancholy. I can try and switch my brain off but that is a very dangerous proposition while driving… I am trying to throw on the smile. It hurts. Never really been any good at that. And people at work get worried when I smile. At least my laptop is working (even if my emails aren’t) so that is one small mercy.

As well as melancholy thinking time, I had ideas thinking time. Hard to make a note of while driving and due to being tired my memory’s not what it used to be, but I still have the bare bones to make notes. One day I may even make something of them.

Work wise, I shall be glad to see the back of August. My travel returns to a more manageable level. Plus, on a personal level, September brings Bloody Scotland and October, Killer Women. Have to psych myself up – find my bravery gene. I’m very excited about the events, paranoid about the crowds (you would not believe how isolating and lonely a room full of people can be). But in the meantime there is plenty of reading time this month still and some really great titles due out in the next few weeks. I shall be a happy bunny once more.

So I’d best get back to it. TBR list isn’t getting any shorter.

Happy reading and happy travels all,