Busy month ahead… but I’m still going to read

Lots of projects and visits on the go this month which will seriously eat into my reading time. Back in ‘the real world’ and thinking about my day job for a moment, I am currently hurtling towards budget season – the time in which I spend many hours in front of a series of spreadhseets trying to divide up and plan £19m worth of expense for 2017. All of that means that I will also need to do some pre budget fact finding and so my diary is full of 2-3 days a week out of the office touring the UK.

Now, while the travel may sound like fun (and one of my friends thinks it’s glamorous – it’s not) in reality it is a series of 02:00 to 03:00 starts (yes that is am not pm), followed by 3-4 hours of driving to arrive on location by 06:00, spend a couple of hours talking numbers and then the same drive home again. My not-so-exotic locales for August include Basildon, Washington (T&W not DC), Bracknell, Bristol, Southampton, Leicester and Manchester. Add to that the grand opening of a new centre in Edinburgh, my monthly trip to Dublin, a customer meeting in London and managing a full on product category launch project and my dance card is well and truly full.

So, I hear you ask, where do you fit in the reading? Well… I cheat a little. Audio books have been a godsend this past few months and with all the hours of driving I do, I can squeeze in at least a couple before month end. The only thing I struggle with then is reviewing the book, as I’m never confident that I haven’t missed something while trying not to crash or miss my turning. May try and be a little braver and give it a go this time round though.

Aside from that, reading is the only thing to keep me sane and minimise my stress levels so with any luck I’ll still fit in at least two books a week all month. Plus I have my very first blog tour hosting this weekend. I will admit to being absolutely terrified as I don’t want to let the author down, but hopefully it will be fine and I may well have the nerve to try it all again some day.

I know that I need to be a better blogger and try and post more often so over this month I am going to research a number of the brilliant blogs I’ve been following to look for ideas on how to stop boring you all to death. I’m still a relative novice so please bear with me.

If you’re off on your holibobs this month, then enjoy, but whatever the month brings you I hope you have a happy August full of reading.