‘Hampstead Fever’ by Carol Cooper


Hampstead Fever

A hot and humid summer in the city and as the temperatures increase, the emotions and relationships of six thirty something North Londoners are sorely tested.

Having met at a speed dating event a couple of years ago, Chef Dan has the woman of his dreams and a beautiful baby boy to boot. Everything should be perfect and yet since the birth of their son, Laure has all but rejected him, her attentions focused upon little Jack, so very afraid of all manner of illnesses and disasters that could befall him.

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‘Missing Presumed’ by Susie Steiner

MIssing Presumed

Listening in on the police scanner is somewhat of an unhealthy addiction for DS Manon Bradshaw. Trying to resettle herself following another in a long line of disastrous internet dates, she gets wind of a case just a short distance away from her home. A young man has returned home from a weekend away to find his front door open, the house in a mess and blood in the kitchen – with no trace of his girlfriend anywhere. What, or who, could possibly convince a young woman to leave her home in the dead of a winter’s night leaving all of her belongings, including her coat, behind?

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Review – ‘Before I Let You In’ by Jenny Blackhurst (@JennyBlackhurst)


Karen, Eleanor and Bea have been friends since they were five years old. They all lead very different lives and yet their bond seems to be unbreakable. Karen is a psychiatrist, always wanting to help her friends and fix theirs and other people’s problems, unimpeachable in her attitude to life and language. Eleanor is the dutiful wife and mother, her life governed by baby feeds, dirty nappies and school runs. Bea is the life the soul of the group, her life one big party. Or so it seems. But appearances can be deceptive. Even the closest of friends can still have secrets.

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