Saturdays are made for reading…

A quiet(ish) day today. Started with a trip to the local food festival where I astounded myself by being very reserved in my samplings and purchases. Most unusual but I am trying hard to remotivate myself to get back on my diet, so I see this as a step in the right direction. Coupled with this, I have managed a nice long walk and some 20k steps. This is the furthest I have a wandered in a while so I am equally impressed with my resolve.

This afternoon it was back to the norm – to finish the book I was reading. It was an excellent read, but I’m not going to spoil the surprise and will let you read all about it in my review. I had a vision of completing this and two other books this weekend but got somewhat side tracked. Thanks to the wonder that is Twitter and several tweets expressing the shows merits, I found myself logging into Netflix and binge watching the whole of ‘Stranger Things’. If you like a little bit of a tense, thirller, horror-come-sci-fi type of show, then I highly recommend it. Haven’t enjoyed a show so much since the earlier pre conspiracy theory days of the X-Files.

Still, must get back to my writing – 3 reviews to finish, including prepping for my first attempt at hosting a book blog tour… I loved the book, I only hope I do the author justice with my blogging. And there is the small matter of having two books to read to hit my target… Well. 175 in the tbr list actually but who’s counting?

Happy weekend reading all.