Sad endings, happy beginnings

Today was a day of mixed emotions. I said goodbye to a colleague of 17 years who has taken the decision to start a new life with her partner and their son, way way up north in Campbletown. It’s a great opportunity for them all and I know that whatever she does next she will do fine.

i have watched her grow in the job over the years, worked alongside her and as her Manager and she has always displayed great passion and determination, which has, on occasion, needed channelling constructively. When she is good, she is excellent. The difficulty sometimes is getting people to see beyond their perceptions to the actual value of the person in front of them. She overcame all the score tics and showed them all what I knew she could do.

Sometimes it is hard as a manager to know if what you are doing is making a difference, or if you are truly helping your people to succeed. I have seen people who have reported into me go on to bigger and better things, and to taking the next step in their career, all of which is good as it tells me I must have been doing something a little right along the way.

However, nothing makes me feel better than I have today. On a day when we should have been plying her with copious amounts of praise, cards and gifts (which, I should clarify, we did) she has given me a card. A card to say thank you for all of my support and for inspiring her to push herself and take chances, and for believing in her when others doubted.

I know now I have done my job, and I don’t mind admitting it has brought a tear to my eye.

Good luck, Zoe. We’ll miss you bud.