Not enough hours…

This is rapidly turning into one of those weeks where the phrase ‘not enough hours in the day’ doesn’t even begin to cover it.

I am embroiled in a project for a new product launch, again north of the border (I knew I should have just moved to Scotland.) On top of that I spent the last two days entertaining my counterpart from Benelux and his Director. Lovely people but yesterday I talked myself hoarse and into a stinking headache, not helped by a silly o’clock start to show them the depot operations. I have a ruck of analysis to complete now the fluffing computer systems are finally working again and for some reason I decided that this week was a good week to restart the diet. Supremely bad timing there.

All of this has meant struggling to find reading or writing time. I am back on the bike (literally) tonight, and will cram in some reading as I go. Am trying to discipline myself into writing at least an hour a night as well. No go last night as I couldn’t keep my eyes open, but I’m hoping to do better tonight.

Wish me luck