Oh lordy, but I ache…

Completed my first ParkRun in five weeks this morning and I am truly feeling it now. No pb’s this week. I’m just happy I made it round without a) stopping and b) collapsing in a heap at the finish line.

Returned home to complete the writing exercise that I needed to do for the course that I am desperately trying to pretend to be competent at. The deed was done, but my brain is now weary and all I want to do is sleep. Alas, I cannot as I have a mountain of books to read and, if I sleep now, I am just guaranteeing myself a night of staring at the ceiling, or, more likely, doing the reading I fail to do this evening.

Plans for a long walk in the morning as I am trying to get my head back into diet mode. It has been a struggle to remotivate myself after too long a break from the habit of healthy food and near obsessive exercise. I am, however, determined that at some stage this year I will be at a medically acceptable weight for my height. I’m very short and was very fat so it seems an impossibly low number to get to. It’s doable though, apparently. I read it in a book somewhere.