‘The Forgotten Woman’ by Angela Marsons

The FOrgotten WOman

‘The Forgotten Woman’ by Angela Marsons is the story of two women and their sometimes painful struggle against an alcohol addiction. From two very different worlds, a former prostitute and a defence solicitor, their friendship shouldn’t work and yet they are to find out that behind the gloss and breeding, the leather jackets and the scars, they have more in common than just the desire to forget their pasts in the bottom of a bottle.

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A tale of obsession – ‘Watching Edie’ by Camilla Way

Watching Edie

Where, oh where do I begin? I have to be honest, this is a hard review for me to write, but for a very good reason. I usually begin by setting the scene, dropping hints as to what happens, but it is hard to do this with ‘Watching Edie’ for reasons which would become apparent as you read the book.

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Saturdays are made for reading…

A quiet(ish) day today. Started with a trip to the local food festival where I astounded myself by being very reserved in my samplings and purchases. Most unusual but I am trying hard to remotivate myself to get back on my diet, so I see this as a step in the right direction. Coupled with this, I have managed a nice long walk and some 20k steps. This is the furthest I have a wandered in a while so I am equally impressed with my resolve.

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