A ‘bloody’ busy schedule – the perks of having an ‘international’ career.

Long day at work today, planning out my diary for the next three months. August/September spells the start of budget season for me, and I now have to start clearing out the spreadsheets ready to start plotting what money and resources I need to run my part of the business in 2017. Yes; it is depressing planning 2017 when we aren’t technically in the second half of 2016 yet but what can you do.

I have the next three months mapped out and know I will be visiting 18 different cities across 4 countries; England, Wales, Scotland and Republic of Ireland. It’s a lot of early starts (I have to be at each site by 06:00), some long distance driving and a little bit of flying but it’s worth it.

One of the true perks of my ‘real job’ is having a fluid and self planned diary. This year it means that, in early September, I find myself in Scotland. Due to good fortune (and excellent planning on my part) this puts me in just the right place to attend Bloody Scotland for the first time. Hotel and tickets are booked and, between you and me, I can’t wait. Looking at the line up, it’s going to be a fab weekend. With Killer Women to follow in October, I’m getting a real super cime-lit fix this year and I won’t deny that I’m one very happy bunny.