Back to reality

After two very relaxing weeks in Scotland, where I managed to take nearly 300,00 steps (yes you read that right), I have to go back to work tomorrow… Boo hiss. Since coming home I have become mostly vegetative and renewed my status as part time cat bed. Had to wrestle old man Mars off my lap so I could go on the computer.

One week into my writing course and in spite of travel have actually managed to complete assignments on time. So far so good. And everyone being far too polite about my writing. Not sure if this is good or bad – I’m still waiting for the sucker punch… 🙂

I am very behind on my reading. Now have 2 books and 1 audio book on the go but need to catch back up. This is less a book blog than a penguin one a the moment, but those little guys were cute.

Flying back to Edinburgh on Tuesday for work. Give me some time to catch up with my reading.

Happy Sunday all