What A Day!

Unbelievable day walking around Edinburgh yesterday. A mere 21 miles completed and 50,600 steps as we walked from the hotel to The Royal Yacht Britannia, Craigmillar Castle and then the Royal Botanic Gardens with a short three mile detour to get dinner. Gardens were beautiful and a unique experience for me as I don’t normally do green planty type things. Spent a whole year living five minutes walk from Kew and never went once.

Just started a Writing Crime Fiction course. Week 1 session underway and I have done some of my homework too. Now I just have to find somewhere interesting to dump a body…

A little less arduous a walk today as the last full day in the city. A bit of sightseeing, a bit of shopping and then a nice meal out. Tomorrow we have a short trip to the zoo and then on to St Andrews where I know of a very nice bookshop 😉

A few pics from yesterday.


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